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Journey Knee Replacement


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Journey Knee Replacement

What is Journey Bi-Cruciate Knee?

The JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized knee system is an innovative product developed after conducted in-depth analyses of natural knee kinematics and the inherent limitations in knee replacement systems.

What are the advantages of the Journey Bi-Cruciate Knee?

The JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized knee system is designed to offers better function of stability, strength, and movement and feels like a normal knee. The JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized Knee System addresses many of the problems associated with conventional TKA systems, such as paradoxical motion, lateral pivot, anterior stability and limited flexion. The JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized System is also available in OXINIUM* material, although, it adds to the cost, but on the other hand it provides superior benefit of less wear.

The system is described as "bi-cruciate stabilized" because unlike conventional knee systems, this implant design replicates the functions of both the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). These ligaments provide stability and support to the natural knee, but are frequently removed during knee replacement surgery.

The other advantage is more sizing options for better fit and minimal bone resections done in the system. Smaller sizing options are very important for female patients due to anatomical reasons, making JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized knee system an excellent option for them. The surgical technique, though similar to other knee procedures, but is much more exacting. Surgeons believe the JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized knee will offer patients a more natural feeling knee implant and greater satisfaction.

The JOURNEY Bi-Cruciate Stabilized Knee System is well suited for high demand, or active patients. It is the only knee replacement on the market that offers patients more natural movement and function, and may provides surgeons with an answer to the challenges of current total knee systems.